Send unconditional support to someone who needs it during COVID-19.

Text For Humanity was originally created to counter online negativity by exchanging positive messages between strangers. Right now, we have extended the service - allowing anyone to send a message of gratitude to frontline heroes during covid-19.

    The world’s first texting switchboard.
    Send a text you would love to get, to a stranger.

    To take on online negativity, we created #TextForHumanity, where you send a positive message to a stranger and receive one in return.

    Why? Because although we’re using our phones to communicate 24/7, we feel worse mentally – not happier.

    It’s time for our mobile phones to love us back.

    COVID-19: #TextForHumanity extends its service - allowing anyone to send a message of gratitude to frontline heroes.

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    Follow our four simple steps and send your first message to a stranger. You can also choose to send your message directly to a frontline worker or someone living in isolation.

    We’re serious about keeping you and your personal information safe, check out our terms and privacy policy if you want to know more.

    Ready to text but not sure what to say? We’ve got a few tips and examples to get you started.
    It’s best to keep your text short – 160 characters is the absolute max. After that it’s about reaching out to a stranger. So let someone know you’re thinking of them, share a joke, or just tell them how you’re feeling right now.

    For some inspiration, take a look at a few of the messages in our gallery.
    Mental Health America

    Mental Health America (MHA) is the exclusive charity partner for Text For Humanity. MHA is dedicated to promoting mental health as a key part of overall wellness and focuses on addressing the needs of those living with mental illness.

    Through education, advocacy, and service, MHA helps people find support when needed.

    MHA has developed comprehensive resources related to COVID-19 and mental health. Click here to find out more.

    If there’s anything about Text For Humanity that you want to find a bit more info on, you’ve come to the right place. Take a look at our frequently asked questions and hopefully you’ll find what you’re looking for. But if what you need to know isn’t there, feel free to contact us directly by following this link and filling out a form.
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    Join Text For Humanity today to put a smile on someone’s face. Together we can start to battle online negativity.